We can provide professional nucleic acid automation purification solutions, covering whole blood, serum, plants, animals and other industries.


We have introduced the domestic first- class production line, with an average daily output of 200,000 servings.


We are recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, have obtained IS09001 and ISO13485 qulfications.


We can provide customers with design solutions according to their needs,and provide them with strong market backing.

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COVID-19 Virus Nucleic
Acid Extraction

African Swine Fever
Virus Extraction

Rapid Disease Screening

Scientific Research

Criminal Case Detection

Building New Hospital

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Veterinary Equipment, Veterinary Microscope, Biochemistry Analyzer

with years of experience, has been a leader in supplying Veterinary Equipment like Veterinary Microscope, Sperm Analyzer, Hospital Furniture, etc made in China. As a company, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality, fast delivery, and a pleasant experience. Why are we growing so quickly? It’s no surprise! With limited budgets, provides quality care with premium quality Biochemistry Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer, Chemistry Analyzer, etc. By working with us, you can save money on top-quality new and refurbished surgical and Veterinary X Ray Machine equipment. Our company consists of:
  1. Top quality Surgery Bed
  2. Premium Laboratory Machine
  3. Veterinary Surgical Instruments made in China
  4. Laboratory Centrifuge

Leading manufacturer of veterinary equipment in the country

As a result of our commitment to quality, we were named in the list of fastest-growing private companies in the country. A single supplier can meet all your Hospital Waiting Chair needs Get the veterinary surgery and exam equipment you need from years of experience and friendly staff. Your equipment procurement process will be pleasant and efficient with us as your single point of contact.

Veterinary equipment for sale, both new and refurbished

Among the many types of veterinary equipment we offer are new and refurbished patient monitors, anesthesia systems, surgery tables, surgery lights, Sperm Analysis, and ventilators. We have biomedical experts on staff who can restore equipment to its original specifications. Our warranty options ensure long-term peace of mind and protect your investment.

Scanner with ultrasound

In designing and manufacturing ultrasound products, we have benefited from our extensive experience and longstanding traditions of reliability and quality. Here you can buy Veterinary Ultrasound Machine, 4d Ultrasound Scanner, Doppler Ultrasound Scanner and more.

Check out our Ultrasound Scanner Cost now!

This compact Fetal Scanner ultrasound platform embodies this 3d Ultrasound Scanner by combining quality and affordability. With its ergonomics and sympathetic design, it ensures a smooth user experience. In addition, a wide range of clinical applications can be met with the F31’s high-performance capabilities and advanced system features. Flexibility, safety, and mobility are all key features of the Dog Pregnancy Scanner platform.

Beds for surgeries Hospital beds are extremely durable, with a beautiful, single-sectioned bed mounted on either protective stumps or castors. The knockdown construction of these beds ensures reduced freight charges with an epoxy-coated mild steel framework with a wire-mesh platform. Choosing the most appropriate model from our entire bed range and letting us know your particular purchase requirements will enable us to provide reliable pricing for you.

Defining our core values

It is these values that we live by, and it is these values that we work by as a company. So to ensure that it can help save lives, we are building a platform. A9play!

Communicate openly

Communication that flows freely across the organization and is two-way


We move swiftly, seamlessly, and cohesively as trends and times change.

Taking action together

Ensures pride and achievement through a positive working environment.

Growth Mindset

Our startup continues to grow, and we help our employees grow.

Solving problems in a creative way

Imagination, out-of-the-box thinking, and new ideas are encouraged to solve doll torsoadult sex toy
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